Once again the saying “hard work brings happiness” is made true, and this time it is from the son of a cycle -repair man. who cleared IAS (Indian Administrative Services) exam in his first attempt with AIR 31 (3rd in Maharashtra) in UPSC exam at an age of 24.

As a Beautiful Lotus blooms in mud and makes the pound look pretty. Similarly a person with immense quality, knowledge and skills has emerged out of the house of a cycle-repairing person`s house. Its makes me feel more proud to say this talent has risen from my own district i.e Palghar.

Varun Kumar Baranwal has achieved this success at very young age of 24 by securing 31st  rank in UPSC examination. Varun cleared this exam only in first attempt.

Hailing from a poor but modest family, Varun has also faced lots and lots of ups and downs in his life. Unfortunately he lost his father, he was still in his elementary school, that is in his 10th standard. Thereafter, there was only his 3 elder sister, one younger brother and his mother left. In his family but no protector, to guide and protect the family. 2006 was the year that took away their natural shield from them and left them alone to face this selfish and miser world. After losing his father at very tender age it was his mother who took charge of the family and started working at his own cycle- repair shop.

Varun Kumar Baranwal is an electronics and telecommunication engineer from MIT pune. It was not a pre-planned idea of Varun to go for civil services but in fact. He was very much inspired after the Anna Hazare movement. After that movement he made up his mind to bring some effective changes in the society and do some social works.


Total Mains Marks701
Interview Marks165
Total Marks866

Taking about his success, Varun gives all credit to his mother. He says that inspite of their poor financial status, it was his mother who supported him throughout and encouraged him . My mother was all to up bring we children , but she never made any deficiency in our studies, Varun added.

Taking about his confidence, he said that there was a time where he decided to stop studying and work at cycle repair shop to support his family, but his mother encouraged him to continue his studies. He finds himself lucky enough to get scholarship, so as to complete his engineering.

Varun Kumar Baranwal gives whole credit of his success to his mother, which is very true. From his word we could clear make out the victory of a mother, who never left hope.

Varun Kumar study strategy

Varun followed a bit different but interesting study pattern . Knowing the fact that inorder to crack UPSC examination its very necessary to stick to the timetable. But to avoid more pressure he kept his timetable flexible and easy going . He used to read newspaper daily, schemes and followed only NCERT books.

Varun is very focused and determined in his work. This is what he advised the same to the other aspirants of IAS.

Not to loose focus under any circumstances and be optimistic. This is what we learn from an IAS officer Varun Kumar Baranwal.


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