Indian Polity and Constitution Digest

Indian Polity Compendium 1.1

Q.Who for the first time framed the draft of Indian constitution?

  • Motilal Nehru

Q.The most important feature of a federal government is:

  • Division of powers between the federal and state governments.

Q.What is the present position of the ‘right to property’?

  • It is a legal right and not a fundamental right

Q.The council of minister includes

  • Cabinet minister, ministers of state and deputy ministers

Q.Under article 83(2), the term of Lok Sabha can be extended by a parliamentary law during emergency for a period not exceeding:

  • One year at a time

Q.Which constitution amendment introduced the anti-defection provision in the constitutions for the first time?

  • 52nd Amendment

Q.Impeachment of the president of India can be initiated in.

  • Either house of the parliament

Q.The Rajya Sabha has powers equal to Lok Sabha.

  • In amending the constitution

Q.What is the example of direct democracy?

  • Gram Sabha

Q.Who is responsible for the inter-departmental coordination in policy-making at the union level?

  • Cabinet Secretariat
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Q.The idea of concurrent list is borrowed from the constitution of:

  •  Australia

Q.The panchayat Raj is based on the principle of:

  •  Democratic decentralization

Q.Which two states have equal seats in the house of people?

  •  Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal

Q.An amendment to the constitution of India can be declared unconstitutional by the supreme court, if it:

  •  Violates the Basic Structure of the Constitution

Q.Who makes the appointments to all India services?

  •  The President of India

Q.Who was the constitution advisor to the constituent assembly ?

  •  B.N. Rao

Q.Which article of the constitution abolishes untouchability ?

  •  Article 17

Q.The sources of all political powers in India lies with:

  •  The Constitution

Q.The parliamentary form of government was first evolved in:

  •  The United Kingdom

Q.The state election commissioner can be removed:

  • Through a procedure similar to that for removal of the judge of a High Court

Q.The basis for acquiring citizenship through naturalization is:

  • Choice

Q.According to article 75 of the constitution, the minister shall hold office during the pleasure of the:

  • President

Q.The name of the candidate for the office of ‘president of India’ may be proposed by:

  • any Fifty members of the Electoral College

Q.The ideal of liberty, equality and fraternity as enshrined in the preamble to the constitution are inspired by the:

  • French Revolution

Q.The minimum number of members that must be present to hold the meeting of the Lok Sabha is:

  • One-tenth of the total membership of the House

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