Urbanization is a Blessing in Disguise


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Time has changed and the changes affect favor the town over the village. Big factories and industries were established in the towns and the landless laborers migrated from village as industrial workers in the towns. Forces of history are causing the change-over and we can’t go against the current of history. The urban population would increase at the expenses of the rural one. Exodus of villagers can’t be stopped totally. Urbanization is a self-propelled process whereby urban population increases and the population of the surrounding rural area decreases. It transfers people from agriculture to non-agriculture occupations.

Urban area managed by municipality or corporation, cantonment board and notified town area committee.  Population should not less than 5000 and minimum 75% of males are in non-agriculture occupations. Minimum the density of population should four hundred persons per square kilometer.

Urban development and urbanization are two different things. Factories, industries, huge infrastructure do not make urbanization. Urbanization is the migration of rural population to the urban area. Urbanization ushers into untold problems. Haphazard urban growth becomes inevitable. Urbanization is also a blessing in disguise.

Urbanization boosts economic growth. People earn more and spend more. Market flourish, production increases, and economy becomes viable. People pick up the habit of saving also.

Urbanization brings down mortality and fertility rates. Better health facilities and the awakening that less mouths would lead to prosperity do these wonders.

It also boosts transport sector. Transportation is needed to ferry people from place to place. people living at a distance from their workings units need means of transport to go to their working places and come back. Transport-demand introduces competition among the transporter and they introduce better vehicles to do jobs at good price with good services. Goods carriages too get improved.

For industrial unit skilled manpower is imperative. The government has to open industrial training institutes, centers for higher education and even professional institutes. If there are private institutions automatically raises standard of education.

Urbanization helps a lot in the mushrooming of entertainment and recreational places. International standards are followed, many a time, in the building of cinema halls, restaurants and bars. Amalgamation of cultures takes place and this enhances international understanding.

Civic amenities are provided in a better way and garbage disposal is properly taken care of and thus civic authorities try their best, with limited means at their disposal, to keep the areas clean and also campaign “ Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan” any deficiency attracts immediate attention of the authorities.

Keeping into consideration the purchasing power of the people beautiful shops and malls crop up and they enhance the beauty of the towns and cities. At night they look fairy lands. District parks and vicinity parks are maintained for  the city people to give the feeling of nearness to nature. In the forest flowers bloom and there is nobody to appreciate them but in the city blooming parks get due appreciation from the city-bred people. One may call it artificial appreciation but it is appreciation after all.

Urbanization provides direct employment to many but it also creates many avenues of indirect employment. Poor ladies get household jobs and this augments the family earning. The poor lady  living in slums no doubt, but they are saved from boredom at their dwelling places and they feel pride being self-dependent to some extent. In cities and towns, one does not find any difference between domestic helps and house women.

Urbanize people are well aware of their rights and duties. They realize the importance and power of their votes and try to elect better representatives to govern them. Urbanize people aware with the political issues.

Urbanization provides better educational facilities which are almost conspicuous in rural areas by their absence. Development in economy helps parents to send their wards to school and literacy starts showing upward trend.

Urbanization develops economy and developed economy puts more currency in the hands of working class, middle class and the need to save something for emergency use.

consequently urbanization brings forth many boons in its wake and these boons do not become banes till urbanization remains moderate. Unlimited and unaccounted migration of people in urban area overburdens all the facilities available and multifarious problems crop up of no-where and make urbanization a curse, a bane, a malady. Moderate urbanization is a blessing.

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