Science and Religion

Science and Religion

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Antagonism between science and religion is not secret and this rivalry will persist but it is not a calamity to be mourned over all this as the rivalry give man enthusiasm to work consistently to end this rivalry, if not that but at least to create an atmosphere but both can shake hand. the two deal with different concepts and employ entirely different techniques. Material world that we know of has been the major center for scientific activity. Religion is concerned with spiritual and metaphysical problem and knot and its activity is imperceptible. nature is all big and all beautiful but also all mysterious. Science contain endeavor is to unfold its mystery by discovering the law that it governs its myriad phenomena. Religion search is to explore its ultimate realty, the very basis of its existence. Science deals tangible reality, believes in thing that can be proved. Religion deals with what is real but has not yet been realized and that remains exclusive and beyond comprehension. Modes of action of science and religion are antithetical. Science depends upon reason, religion on intuition. Science employs hypothetic-deductive method of arriving at knowledge and it is entirely based on observation and experimental verification of tangible facts. A scientist works in a laboratory but a religious figure works within a recesses of his personal experience and compares his experience with those who come before him. Man accepts certain things, they concern his faith or blind faith and they can’t be proved- that is religion.   If man can’t prove a fact it cannot be accepted-that is science.  One realizes and the other achieves.

              Religious experience is subjective and it can’t be tested by any experiment. Science is objective and its experience can be tested by experiment. By any scientist as the kind of experiment is an impersonal venture. Logic, rationality and reasoning are the hallmark of the science. Proof is put forward in tangible terms to be seen and felt by the senses. So “experience” and “experiment”, these two words start with same alphabet and have ten character each but they are poles apart. How and why are the basis of science and religion respectively. Science is analytical and here nothing is taken for granted. Path of religion is supra-mundane, metaphysical. Concept of an overseeing power is all faith and for religious mind fellow this overseeing powers work everywhere.

Urbanization is a Blessing in Disguise

                         Religion is subjective as religious is enlightenment felt by say, Buddha, can’t be identical to someone else’s perception of religious enlightenment. For a religious feeling to be obtained methods and mean way vary from man to man. But experiences, discoveries of science are the same for each and everybody. They can be verified to be truth and they are not engulfed by countless layers of mystery. Everything is clear in science whereas everything is shrouded in mystery in religion.

                   Religion is as old as mankind as even the remote past man acknowledges the presence of some overseeing power controlling the universe. Before the advent of scientific outlook religion, in one form or the other, was supreme. The unchallenged supremacy of religion made a dogmatic and it gave rise to countless evils. Dominance of religion caused repression of logic, reasoning and experimentation. Religious head behaves like dictator and projected themselves the deputies of god on earth. Tyranny of religion crushed all heads that had the guts to challenge the supremacy of religion. Scientist men with nerves of steel, whose tenets where of variance with religious concepts were subjected to unfold tortures. Persecutions, both physical and mental. Galileo was fatted and his movement were checked for his new theories about heavenly bodies that went again the established and return concept in religions. Copernicus was severely condemned for his theories about the functioning of the solar system.


Darwin`s theory of evolution provoked the ire of the church because it went against the biblical version of the creation of mankind. Many other scientists were made laughing stock and were subjected to be inhuman and unethical public ridicule by public men. All those who show guts to depart from the accepted religious theories about the god and universe were dubbed as the enemies of the religion and there by mankind. Staunch propaganda and relentless endeavors to delight men of reason to      unleashed to suppress the voice of truth and reason but truth eventually prevailed. Blind faith had to yield to demonstrated facts. Those who had made fun of the scientist roved turncoats and in no time they started praising science and became its ardent followers. Religious men were proved them wrong but no efforts were pushed into the background. Science simply proved them wrong but no efforts had done to persecute them as natural justice had been done. Victorious become victims.

      Religion in the narrow sense of the word declined. Its lack of precision, its rigidity, its interference in certain non-religious sphere and its efforts to suppress tangible truth started its journey toward its nadir. When religion stop been the concern of subjective faith it lost its strength. It projects it infliction of disease and other natural calamities as the wrath of overseeing power, it harmed itself. Disease are the domain of medical science but religion meddled in this sphere and had to cut a sorry figure. Social codes of conduct narrow down the horizon of religion.
Codes of conduct exigencies and they cannot be rigid because they evolution. Imaginary of heaven, hell, volcanoes, flood and what not projected by religion recalled and proved counterproductive. How could common sense take the idea that heaven is in the sky or hell somewhere on the ground or volcanoes, the jaws of hell, disease, anger of god and so on.
Modern man rejected all such presumptions.

          The wonders of science open the eye of man and he was blessed with countless comforts. Disease was explained, mysteries of nature were revealed, eruption of volcanoes was shown through diagram on the black board, cause of rainfall was analyzed logically, distance and space were conquered, such things and many other made man the master of his surroundings. Even God seems superfluous. Explanation of heaven and hell gave a severe blow to religious concept. People started driving away the fear of god from there heart.
Science had succeeded in dethroning religion but it itself has failed to occupy that lofty and illustrious position as was enjoyed by religion. H.G. Wells has rightly said, “Modern science is a strange paradox. On the one side it has open a vista of celestial blessing and comforts on earth having conquered time, distance and space thereby translating “impossibility” into “possibility” while on the other, it has corrupted man to besets degree, having made him a brute of the most formidable type. Science has shattered man`s faith and his peace of mind. Life and death are still beyond the reach of science, both have remained inexplicable. At one point of time man could attribute his ill-luck, poverty or destitution to God or to some overseeing and invisible power to get reconciled to his fate or lot. But science snatched away the consolation and given him a sort of permanent despair, dejection and depression and he has become a sceptic. This loss of faith has brought the baser instincts of his nature into free play. “As you sow, so shall you reap,” has no meaning for him, as he has gone a hedonist. Greed and jealous have become his permanent pals and greed has let loose the hounds of cut- throat competition, dishonesty, selfishness, exploitation and emotionless. Science produce machine works methodically but without emotions. Science has created the problem of unemployment, exploitation and mental-imbalance. Science create dissatisfaction an unquenchable hunger for more and more while religion inculcates satisfaction, physical, moral and mental. Science has placed man on the mond of annihilation. Horrible and destructive weapons produce with the help of science threaten the very existence of mankind. Man today is materialistic and myopic. On account of neglect of moral and spiritual values man has applied science for destructive and immoral purpose.

                    In spite of all comfort at his beck and call, in spite of his victory of the forces of nature, in spite of becoming a semi-God man still feel helpless occasionally and then he turns to God or religion for solace. Man has started cursing science and he himself put a question Why has science made me so powerful? He sheds tears in his privacy and hold science responsible for his tears. Science is not enough. It is necessity but it is not the only necessity. Science has made a giant of man in systematized knowledge put a poor dwarf in essential human feeling. Multiplication of material resources can`t guarantee growth and development of humanitarian feelings. For such feelings we have to turn religion. Godless science is in need of faith. Religion can chasten the materialistic outlook of science.

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