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essay help

An essay is one of the important parts in a paper. It is only through essays that a student expresses his views. It also allows the examiner to understand many things about the writer. Examiner comes to know about the mindset of the writer, his ideas, his thoughts and most importantly presentation of an essay speaks about the personality of a person.

While writing an essay for any competitive exams, the first thing you have to pay attention to is how many numbers of words have been asked in the exam. For most of the exams, the number of words asked is 300 or 500. But for UPSC or civil servant exams, words may increase up.

You are allowed to write few words beyond the asked limits but you should not write greater than the asked words. In order to make your essay qualitatively and quantitatively better, follow the following points:-


If you are a person with good writing, then you don’t need to worry much, it is a bonus for you. But in case, your handwriting is small, shaky, crooked and not legitimate enough to understand, the writing which we call as ‘doctor handwriting’ then you must pay attention towards. After practicing same illegitimate handwriting for so many years it is not possible to instantly alter it. But in order to look your paper better and readable, you must use ‘good and enough’ space between your words. Don’t try to congest too many words in a single line. Use only 4-5 words per line.

Read the Question

Before starting with your essay you need to read the question properly. Understand it; know what is asked in the question paper. If you don’t understand the question properly, you might land up in trouble. Reading the question barely requires 2 seconds. You should think about the topic to select. Quickly build up the points that you can put forth for the topic you select. Select only that topic, in which you have a clear knowledge, let it be in positive or negative. Do not select the topic in which you don’t have any clear opinion or to be precise half faith and knowledge. Analyse all the topics and select the best for you. You can also jot down the points on paper.

Impressive Introduction

Introduction means explaining your topic in a nutshell. Do not write complex and long introductions. You must be short and simple. Use short and simple sentences. If in case you know some good ‘quotes’ related to your topic, you can write that too. Giving detailed introduction is a wrong idea. You should think if you give all the information in introduction itself, then what will be left for the body. I’ll advise you to be short and simple.

Body of an Essay-

While writing the body, you must keep one thing very clear in your mind, that is, co-relation. Whenever you write over, there must be a relation between them. Next, you should again divide your essay’s body, at first you can talk about the issues and arguments which are raised in relation to your essay. Explain it in elaboration.

Second, you can give any statistic data, if any, but don’t make it too long.

Third, depending on your topic, you can also put some case laws; national or international, you can also write the opinion of some renowned and socially important person, for ex, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Barack Obama; research of any bureau, NASA, ISRO and also verdict by judges.

Fourth, by this time you must be towards the end of the body of your essay. Here, you can mention the cause, consequences in relation to your topic. Example, if your topic is Global Warming, then you can mention that if the present scenario goes on continuing in the same manner, then by the end of 2050, there won’t be any life left on earth.

You can also talk about the effect or measures which can be taken. Like, going with the same example of GLOBAL WARMING, you can say, in order to reduce global warming, we should plant as many trees as we can, make less use of plastics, use biodegradable resources and much more.

Write only that which is relevant to your topic.

see essay example


Conclusion means the last paragraph of your essay. Your conclusion should also be impressive, same as like your introduction.

Do not repeat the same what you have written in the body. But for creating a relation, you can mention those points. Try to write something new and interesting.

Your conclusion should be strong and should justify whatever you said in the ‘body’. Do not write a long conclusion. The paragraph of conclusion should comprise of only 4-5 sentences.


After writing your essay, make a glance over it, look for all the keywords that you wanted to mention. The glancing can also be done at the time when you are still writing the essay. This actually helps you not only in remembering more points but also in creating a proper relation between the paragraphs.

Vocabulary and Grammar-

If you want your essay to look great and have great quality, you should have good vocabulary skills. You can increase your vocabulary by daily reading newspapers, watching English shows, referring to the dictionary and not to forget, practicing daily.

Also, the grammar that you use should be right and in proper tense. Do not mix two tenses together.

 Punctuation and Articles-

Although these are the small little things but remember following these points will fetch you good marks. You should punctuate properly at the right place. Remember punctuation expresses your emotions.

Articles are very important to make your sentence correct, e.g., use ‘an’ before vowels, don’t use ‘the’ before any noun and much more. While speaking, you might not understand the importance of these words, but when it comes to writing, it plays a very vital role.


It is the last point in my article but it is not the least. This is something of what that you keep in mind not only while writing the essay but also throughout your exam.

You must put proper margin, i.e., at least 0.5 cm line on the right side of every sheet, so as to prevent your paper from any damage, if any.

Your handwriting should be beautiful and look good to the eyes. You can underline on the keywords if you want.

Your paper should be easily understood by the examiner or any other person who is checking it.

NOTE:  you should avoid making too many cancellations. Overwriting is not a good impression. Do not make your paper dirty by any means. Use a pencil to highlight (underline) any word.

Use capital letters or words when it is necessary. Don’t just blindly make any word capital or get highlighted. Have confidence, this will help you to make fewer mistakes.

This is all you need to make your essay impressive. Follow the above-mentioned points and you will surely gain good results.


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