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UPSC Paper is a comprehensive UPSC Portal for your preparation of the Civil Services examination conducted by the UPSC in India.

upscpaper.com provide you all the details and materials about civil competitive examination, mainly for those aspirant, who want to serve their country.

Our sole aim to be useful to civil service aspirants and help them in their preparation by providing the best resources and information in a single place.

All civil service aspirants are requested to contribute towards the building of this resource and help generations of civil service aspirants. Let this work as your study group even if you are preparing all alone!

Our advisors list is very long and consists of IAS, IFS, IPS and various other officers within India’s top civil services, apart from educationists and coaching institutes. We convey our sincere thanks to all our advisors.

Your feedback is important to us, so please do not hesitate in sending them to us regularly. Also keep a watch for this site as we keep adding new resources. Also if you notice any other Civil Service or UPSC portal that is copying our study material or any other reasearched work please inform us so that we may take action against them.

We do take some of the matter available from the goverment UPSC Portal which is the Official UPSC portal or Site, for ease of use as it is troublesome to locate most of the matter on the UPSC portal, but in case you notice any of our authors lifting any material from anywhere do let us know as it will probably be the other portal that has lifted the matter from our website.

The UPSC has now made it compulsary to apply for the civil services online. The forms are available on UPSC Online. UPSC online application and upsc online registration can be done on this official website of the UPSC.

Listed below are some of the important information about the civil sevice examination on our portal and online guide.

UPSC syllabus

UPSC Eligibility

UPSC exam question paper

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